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Comanche Springs Star Party
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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Working on my BuckSnort Observatory last week and encountered an unexpected couple of mostly clear nights. Soooo....

I shot a 2 panel mosaic of the Jellyfish Nebula, the Monkey Head Nebula, and M35. Doesn't "M35" sound kind of pedestrian after monkeys and Jellyfish?

The large red nebulous regions are Hydrogen gas that is being excited by nearby stars and glowing red (like a red neon sign). The blue stars of open cluster M35 provide a nice contrast methinks.

FSQ 106EDX f/3.63
STL11000M -25C
HaLRGB (120, 120, 30, 30, 30) per panel
Total exposure = 11hrs
CCD Stack, PixInsight, CS5