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Comanche Springs Star Party
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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Space Ghost!

Actually this is IC 2087, the center reflection nebula, while the rest of the real estate is mostly taken by the dark nebula Barnard 22. I took this 4 hour exposure during Oki-Tex. Although it does not have the "zip, pow" color of other nebulae, I really love the haunting beauty of these subtle dark forms (my wife thought this one looked like a ghost).

Its interesting how people see different things in these cosmic forms -- like an ink blot test. One person commented that it looks like the Enterprise is bursting through the cloud. What do I think it looks like? It looks to me like ET wearing a Burka (with his little heart-light glowing).

Anybody else wanna play?

1 comment:

Ken Mitchroney said...

Sure. i'll get it started. It looks like a 1954 Pontiac hood ornament. Sorry, i'm a Car guy.