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Comanche Springs Star Party
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Friday, October 2, 2009

Comet Hunter

This is an image of the Horse Head/Flame and M42 in Orion (the Hunter). And if you look closely you will see a "wanderer" passing right between them -- Comet 217P/Linear.

Although not a big and bright comet, it does sport a small tail and is particularly beautiful for the path it has chosen!

I noticed the comet was well placed last Monday morning, so I decided to have an adventure and make the drive to the Atoka dark site to shoot this composition. I took a nap, got up and left about 1:00am, started shooting by 3:30am, finished and headed home about 6:30am as the sun was coming up. Okay, maybe a little crazy but I think the photo was worth it.

AstroTrac mount
Canon XSI ISO 800
Nikon 180mm f/4
24 x 3min
Maxim DL, CS4

Be sure to click on the image for a closer view!

P.S. -- I hope somebody got my "play on words" with the title : )


Anonymous said...

That's an excellent photograph and the comet is the icing on the cake.


Neutronman said...

Thanks Dave -- it was a fun shoot.

Tim Hatcher said...

Beautiful shot, John. It's ironic how exciting it is to see a comet, even though we can't perceive their movement. I can still recall how thrilled I was to track down Halley's Comet in December of 1985, a couple months before it became significantly visible.

Neutronman said...

Howdy Tim!

Yes, that is the charm and challenge of visual astronomy -- seeking and finding these elusive ancient photons. I remember looking for Halley, but never spotting it. It is great you did! But I certainly remember being totally blown away by Hale Bopp in 97 (it was easily visible naked eye even at dusk in downtown Dallas).

Tim -- Are you in town? Lemme know if you ever want to join us at a star party or dark site.