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Comanche Springs Star Party
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Friday, January 22, 2010

Horse, Flame, M78,and Loop

After a long dry spell (haven't completed a data set through my scope since September) I finally completed a new image -- yea!

This is a large field in Orion stretching from the Horse Head (upper right) to a chunk of Barnard's Loop (lower left). The blue reflection Nebula to the right of the Loop is M78.

This is my deepest image yet -- 10.5 hours of exposure! I collected 5 hours of Hydrogen Alpha (narrow band emission) data from home, then headed to the dark site at the Comanche Springs Astronomy Campus (3RF) to collect another 5.5 hours of LRGB (color and luminance).

I had a great time at 3RF and one fabulous night of imaging (one out of three ain't bad). I'll post some DSLR images from the trip later.

Here's the stats:

FSQ 106EDX f/3.65
STL-11000M -20C
HaLRGB (300x150x60x50x60)
CCD Stack, CS4


Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful image, the colours are amazing. You've obviously put some time and effort into this, well worth it. Excellent!


Neutronman said...

Thanks David. It was a long time coming (the weather and I have been at odds for months), but it certainly got me re-charged.