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Comanche Springs Star Party
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Monday, May 5, 2008

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's an Iridian Flare!

I saw my first Iridian flare last Saturday night (along with Kim). What is an Iridian flare? Well...

Iridian is a communication satellite (there are about 66 in orbit). At certain times, the sunlight reflects off their solar panels and cause a huge flare in the sky. These flares last only a few seconds, but they are a hundred times brighter than any star!

I haven't tried to photograph one yet, but it is on my list. There is a cool website called Heavens Above (see my links) that predict when these flares occur for whatever longitude and latitude you happen to be in -- it is VERY precise. Like within a minute. Check it out!


Fred Cline said...

Ha Ha...what a "Jimmy Neutron"!

Hi John, It is good to hear from you. Say Hi to Kim and check out ZooKazoo.com - I'm doing design work for it.

Don't let 'em probe you!
Fred Cline

Ken Mitchroney said...

Your such a geek.
Damn!, the batteries are going on my telescopes tripod Star tracker. Got to go..,

P.S Im' surprised Fred didn't do the " Ring around Uranus" gag. But he did mention probing.

I am JOhn said...

Howdy Guys!

Hey Fred, that Zookazoo looks pretty fun. Good stuff.


Two words for you...

Marine Battery

Marianne said...

Hey Ken,

Yeah, the marine battery really works. When John set up his telescope at the Ranch, I kind of wondered if he was a clandestine NORAD outpost or something. It's all so techo these days.

And yes, the cows were very interested in the big white thing, but probably keeping their distance because of bad memories. :-D Those probes...

How're you doin' dude? Ow! My heahr! :-D